Best Aptoide alternatives for iOS & iPhone to look at in 2017

By | May 9, 2017

Looking for Aptoide Alternatives!! Here, we are providing a brief introduction to some of the good Aptoide alternatives to look at in 2017. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you always look for options available like web app store marketplace for yourself.  The in- built Google Play store(Android) and  App Store(iOS) sometimes doesn’t suffice your purpose and in such instances, Aptoide is one of the best App marketplaces to go to find your favorite app. But even when Aptoide creates a problem or somewhat not functioning properly we have following few answers for your Aptoide queries.

List of Aptoide Lite Apk Alternatives download for Android and iOS

F-Droid: F-Droid is one of the most popular Aptoide alternatives and has a range of free and open source software(FOSS) app. This software repository is easy to install. Its Browser functions smoothly; you can even track updates also if there are any.

Blackmart Alpha: This App is a free app market where all apps are free to download; however there is no trial and testing options available.  There is no limit to download and has a quick active browser where your keywords work great.

AppBrain: Another great alternative to Aptoide is the AppBrain with millions of Apps available at its space which can be downloaded. It features Google play ranking and  Analytics to keep a track on your apps performances. All the managing and installation work has to be done through the Web only. The best part of the AppBrain is that you can share your installed app of the phone among your friends also; as it gets synced with the native Android application.

APK Mirror: This is the best App for those who are freaky about all latest updates and releases of their favorite app. The feature is such that the selected and stored app updates itself automatically even being at play store only. The apps are free here, however; one has to visit the site for downloading them. All the apps downloaded from here are safe and no malicious software intrusion are here.

1 Mobile Market: This App has its own flavor. It is best suited for those whose interests are inclined towards gaming. This is a fresh arrival in the App market and is a very good alternative to Aptoide. The app gives great download options and has smooth functioning.

Mevvy: This is a wonderful app and has; software, application, productivity web, and utility web all at one roof. You have the option to check and endorse your pick manually, which is quite simple and friendly. You can browse all categories for all your devices.

Amazon App store: This is one of the primary apps after Google play store in terms of popularity and is specially meant for android and Kindle devices. The App is managed by Amazon. Here the Apps found are developed by Amazon only.

So, friends, there are many amazing apps available in the market as an alternative to Aptoide; however, the best one is that which serves your preferences best and run smoothly on your device.

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