FaceTime for Android | Is it Possible to Install FaceTime App on Android & Make Video Calls ?

By | December 1, 2017

Facetime App:

Facetime is undoubtedly the best app till date for iOS users / MAC Users for audio and video calling. Facetime app has gained huge popularity among smartphone users especially iOS & Android Users.

Facetime App use your internet connection [ May be wifi or mobile internet] to make video calls unlike the traditional phone calling.

facetime app for android

How to Download & Install FaceTime for Android ?

There are many queries i have seen on different forums and discussion sites like “Is it possible to use FaceTime on Android?”..

Simple and straight answer is a BIG “ NO”..

You cannot install FaceTime app on your android smartphone….

Facetime app is specially created by Apple Engineers for iPhones,iPads,MAC OS Running Products. There is no way you can install Facetime app on Android.

Similarly it is impossible to run & install FaceTime App on Windows.

Hope, Apple Engineers will look out for a solution for installing FaceTime App on Android in near Future.

We have covered an article on how to install IMO Free Video Calling App on Windows PC..Just have a look

How to Make FaceTime call from an iPhone to an Android device?

Another popular query on Google is “How to place FaceTime Call from iPhone to Android”..

To make this happen…Both the phones must have FaceTime App installed…

But we have already clearly stated that “installing FaceTime App on Android is Impossible”..

So the simple answer for the query is..

You cannot make Facetime Call from iOS to Android Device..

Android App Compatible with FaceTime App ?

There is no such app build till date which is compatible with Apple’s FaceTime App.

Once Again i am reiterating….No Android App works with Facetime App and You cannot run Facetime app on Android..

Ways to make a video call from an Android to an iPhone without FaceTime ?

There are many alternate apps available on internet which is similar to FaceTime App.Inorder to make video calling between iPhone & Android you have install a video calling which is compatible with both iOS and Android Phones.

By runnings any one these apps on your phone..you can easily make video call,audio call from iPhone to Android and vice versa..

Hope you guys now got some insight on the “possibility of installing FaceTime App for Android”..

There are many queries i have seen on internet like Facetime apk for Android,Facetime app Features for Android ..

Many sites / blogs have created and posted articles on these topics,just for the sake of driving traffic to their site.

If you cannot install FaceTime Apk on Android Phone, then how you can explain about Facetime Android Features ?

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